September 28, 2021
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Mr. Phenuel Osebe HOD languages

This department is invaluable in the school’s performance index since it houses two critical departments namely English and Kiswahili: made of compulsory subjects in the school curricular. While English is the mother of all other subjects, except Kiswahili, a good score in the two subjects matters in a student’s career choice. Competency in English is key in good performance in other subjects too.

Therefore, each student is encouraged to strive for excellence; have exercise books for composition and Insha writing; buy own relevant set books for reading competency and essay training; practise speaking and writing in both languages and use appropriate register for each occasion. Above all, any effective language pass is founded on good practice, practice and practice.

The department’s overall target is to hit a 10 plus mean score and above mark. This is possible with a suitable team work spirit, meeting of set targets, commitment, diligence and a positive outlook.

Viva language Department!

Phenuel Osebe,  HOD Languages

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