November 29, 2021
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Boarding Facilities

Ichuni Girls is a boarding school. All students are boarders. The school has Ten Hostels. Each hostel is headed by two masters. Students are not allowed to share beds meaning each student is given a bed. They are also not allowed to remain in the hostel during class hours except on request and escorted there by the school Matron.

During meal time a student is allowed to serve once and the school does not provide special meals. In case of sickness girls are asked to report immediately for further assistance and be escorted to the hospital by the school Matron after notifying the school administration.

Manual work is compulsory for every student where assigned by the Boarding mistress. Students do their manual work in the morning before prep and student reps supervise it.

Boarding Mistress is Madam Obiero W assisted by Patrick Orina and Geofrey Getanda.

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